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 ​​Clay County Communities                                                          Revitalization Association

About Us

The Mission of the​ Clay County Communities Revitalization Association (CCCRA) is to
stimulate economic growth, promote the assets, and preserve the heritage of Clay County.

CCCRA is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization devoted to preserving and improving Clay County NC for its residents and visitors. Powered by a 100% volunteer engine, CCCRA is funded through memberships, donations and grants. Working collaboratively with local governments and other organizations in Clay County and surrounding counties, CCCRA has three key areas of focus:

Timeline & History


The Clay County Communities Revitalization Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Our only source of revenue is donations from our many supporters and from grants.
Annual memberships of private citizens and businesses provide the
operating budget for this all-volunteer effort.
Since 1999, CCCRA has obtained over $1 million in grants, and partnered with over thirty-three organizations to enhance Clay County’s physical beauty and enrich its cultural life.

Key Partnerships Include:

2018 CCCRA Board of Directors

Bob Hanson, President
Barbara Deas, Vice President
Doug Canup, Treasurer
Victoria Ewing Ware, Secretary
Joanna Atkisson, Director
Michael Borkman, Director
​Marsha Christy, Director
Dorothy Ethridge, Director
Ron Guggisberg, Director
Susanne Hanson, Director
Sandy Nicolette, Director
​Paul Price, Director
Rob Tiger, Director